1、 Dear friend,

  My name is Sally. I am from China. I want a pen pal in Australia. I am 14 years old. I have no brothers or sisters in my family. MY favorite subject in school is science, because I think it’s very interesting. I like playing the piano and playing basketball on weekends. How about you? Can you write and tell me something about yourself?



  2、 My name is Wang Lin . Now I live in Hangzhou , China. I want to find a pen pal in England. I’m now 14 years old . I speak Chinese .And I can speak a little English. I like sports ,swimming is my favorite . I also like playing the computer games . My favorite subject in school is math. I like to go to movies with my friends. My favorite movie is Beauty and Beast . Now I live with my parents .

  Can you write to me soon ?

  Wang Lin

  3、 I have a good friend, his name is Bill. He is from Sydney, Australia. Now he lives in Beijing with his parents. He is 14 years old and his birthday is in October. He speaks English and he can speak a little Chinese. He has lots of friends in Beijing. He often plays soccer after school with them. It’s his favorite sport. He likes Chinese action movies very much. He thinks they are interesting. He favorite actor is Jet Li.

  4、 Jenny is an American girl She is 13 years old. She is very tall and a little thin. She has long black straight hair. She is a good-looking girl .She likes wearing a red T-shirt and blue pant. She likes singing and dancing. Her favorite singer is Gloria Green. She thinks Gloria is great. Look! Jenny is coming. She is not wearing a red T-shirt today. She is wearing a red dress.

  5、 My favorite animal is a cat. I have a cat in my family. Her name is Mimi, I think she is from China. She is two years old now. She likes to eat fish every day. She is kind of lazy, but she is very cute. I like to palsy with it after school.

  6、 Lin Tao usually goes to the zoo with his parents. He likes to see animals. In his room there are many toys. Most of them are boy animals. All kinds of animals in his room are his good friend. Every day he plays with them. Sometimes he asks his friends to his home to play. On vacation or weekends he like to see the monkeys and elephants in the zoo, and the dolphin show is his favorite.

  7、 Jim likes Zhejiang food because it’s delicious. He can’t stand Sichuan food because it’s very hot(辣). He likes Guangdong food. He doesn’t mind Beijing food and he sometimes eat it . He doesn’t like Human food because it doesn’t agree with him (它不合他的口味)。

  8、I like playing basketball .It’s very interesting . I often play it with my friends. It’s a team work.. Everyone needs to work together with others. (每个人都需要和别人合作). I can also make many new friends in the game. My favorite basketball player is Yao Ming. He is very tall and plays basketball very well. I want to play in NBA one day like him.

  9、This is a popular person. Most(大多数) people like him. He’s not young ,about 50 years old . But he looks kind of funny. He has a round face (脸) with round eyes , a big mouth and short black hair . He likes telling jokes and makes people laugh(笑). Do you know who he is ? He is Mr. Bean

  10、Tom, Nancy , Lily and Jack are my good friends .They all love to watch different TV shows. Tom likes sports, so he likes sports shows. Nancy watches comedies and she loves sitcoms. But Lily can’t stand them .She just likes game shows. Jack doesn’t like sitcoms either. He enjoys talk shows. So you know they are all TV shows fans.(他们都是电视迷)


  There are many students in middle school wear the glasses, and many of them were wearing the glasses since little. We have to protect our eyes, prevent them from the short-sightedness. We should keep a good sitting posture, never read the books too closely. We’d better have a short break every hour of reading, close eyes or look at the distance. We should do the eye exercises every day. In the evening, we also shouldn’t read while we are lying. And more important, we shouldn’t spend hour and hour starring at our cellphone. We all should protect our eyes.



  My Class there are fifty-two students in my class. we have different likes and dislikes, but we all have a great goal. we study together. we play together. we talk to each other. we help each other. we are friendly to each other. our class is like a big family. we are very happy.

  we have many teachers. they are very kind. they are always nice to us.

  they make us study very very hard. all my teachers always encourage us to learn all subjects well.


  There are two dormitories(宿舍) for our class’s boys. I live in 2110.

  We seven boys share the dormitory 2110. Every morning we get up at 6 o’clock. Sometimes one or two boys may wake up a little later. After washing, we go to the playground to do morning exercise.

  At night, after the self-teaching classes, we go back to the dormitory. Some roommates enjoy singing loudly before the lights go out, some enjoy sharing their snacks and drinks with others, some go to bed early, and others read books or listen to the pop music late. We often tell jokes in the dormitory. The room is always full of cheers and laughter.

  On the evening of Oct.18th, the Chinese national football team got their place in the World Cup. It’s the first time for our Chinese team. The Chinese people have dreamed of it for 44 years. Though the light was out we jumped up and down and shouted: “We are the winner! We are the winner!” At the very moment, “Bang! Bang! Bang!” We heard the noises of knocking at the door and a teacher shouted:“Don’t be so excited. Go to sleep now.” So we dared not make any noise. We even smiled in our dreams that night.


  Spring Festival is the most importantand popular festival in China.Before Spring Festival ,the people usually clean and decorate their houses.And they go to the Flower Fairs to buy some flowers.During Spring Festival ,the adults usually give lucky money to children.People often get together and have a big meal.Some people eat dumpling for dinner.

  I love Spring Festival .




My English Teacher

  Hello, everyone. This is my English teacher. His name is Wang Nengmin. His English name is Frank. He is a very good English teacher. He speaks English very well. He’s full of humor, too. He’s over 30 years old. He has two small eyes and a small mouth. He is near sighted so he wears glasses. He likes playing computer games and swimming. He also loves reading. He usually reads newspapers after school. His lesson is very interesting. We always learn a lot of things in his lessons. We all like him very much, although he is very strict with us.


  报纸和网站 Newspapers and WebsitesNewspapers and websites are two major new media in the world today, both of which can provide us with lots of news and information. But they’re different in some ways.


  Newspapers enjoy a longer history and often come out daily with more reliable news and information. They can be carried and read almost anywhere you like. So many people like reading them. But they can only contain texts and photos.


  On the other hand, websites are quite new and popular, especially among young people. Websites have not only texts with pictures but also audios and videos, which makes stories more interesting. What’s more, they are updated from time to time. So the latest news is always seen on websites instead of in newspapers. But it is not quite convenient for people without a computer connected with the Internet to get information from websites.



  I have a good friend,he’s a lovely boy. He’s strong and tall,he has short black hair and small eyes,he has a small mouth and a big nose,he likes sports and computer game.

  He’s a good student,too. He studies hard,he listens to his teachers carefully and likes to answer her teacher’s questions,he likes chinese and english,he likes reading books,too.

  Oh! he’s lv xuanyu,i love him very much!


  Winter vacation is coming.We’re happy to welcome the holidays.Usually,winter vacation is funny because Spring Festival is during the vacation.

  Spring Festival is a excellent day for every Chinese,especially for children.During the festival,relatives go to visit each other and give presents to each other.then it’s the happy moment for children,children are given some lucky money.

  But i’m not a child any longer.I want to make the festival a little bit different. I plan to have a different day.I’m going to sell some toys in the flower market.I will ask my friends to join me.If i earn some money,i’ll buy some presents to my parents.Well,it’s my turn to give back to my parents for their love.





  I like the summer holidy so much。 I look forward to summer holiday every year。 Last summer, I went to Shen zhen for my holiday, which is also a city of seashore like Haikou。 I enjoyed having a walk along the beach after supper or having a swim in the afternoon。 The sky is blue, the air is fersh。 Wherever you go, You can always see the green trees, the neat grasses and the colourful flowers。 They were really wonderful。 Shen Zhen has a lot of tall buildings。 And it is a modern city。

  I am planning to spend my summer holiday on sports this year。 Playing basketball is always my favourite, so some of my classmates and I will form a small team and play basketball together。 Sometimes we may have a match against some other teams and I do enjoy the sense when we win the game。

  If you ask me what my favourite summer holiday will be like, traveling aound the only answer。 I hope that one day I could meet different people and vist different places of interest。

  I wish I could have two long holidays in a year, what about you?

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